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It was time for another trip up to the Sierras - Tioga Pass had just opened for the summer and there were still a couple of weeks before Memorial Day and the official start of vacation season, and larger crowds. Off to Yosemite, with a stop in Death Valley. During this trip, I made the decision to stay up in the high country and stay away from Yosemite Valley, though I did travel down into the valley one overcast day to photograph the flowers in the valley, including the Dogwood in this gallery. On the way back, I visited the ghost town of Bodie, CA and experimented with long exposure daylight photography.
Sunrise at the Mesquite DunesCashier Mill at Eureka MineZabriske Point PanoramaCathedral Peak and Tuolumne MeadowsTuolumne Meadow MorningTuolumne RiverTuolumne MeadowMirrored Morning ColorDogwood BlossomA Break in the CloudsGreen Street, Bodie CALenticular Clouds, Mount Gibbs, Mount Data, and Mammoth Peak