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No, the SWAT team didn't stop by my place looking for me - as many of you I'm sure assumed.

As it turns out, the neighbor behind me was have a bit of a domestic - rumor among the rest of the neighbors afterwards was that the father had a bit too much to drink and had a weapon.

I was woken up at about 3 am this morning by the police helicopter. After doing my best to get back to sleep I looked out the bedroom window and noticed that the helicopter's spotlight was illuminating my backyard. Not taking this as a good sign, I grabbed my big 6 D-cell Maglite and proceeded to make sure I was the only one at home.

After sweeping the house, I started checking around the yard, and noticed some movement in the backyard. Sure enough, shining my flashlight in the corner, I spotted a couple of uniformed cops looking over the back wall towards the neighbor's house behind me. The cops kindly asked that I turn off the lights in the backyard, which I did.

About an hour after the original officers showed up, the SWAT team showed up. They hung out for several hours keeping a watchful eye and automatic weapons trained on the house behind me. While they didn't accept any, they did smile when I offered a couple of them passing by some coffee - it was a cold morning after all.

Things started to pick up about dawn, and it looked like things were winding up when a couple of SWAT members showed up with big bags of McDonald's. I'm starting to think at this point, "Geez, this is going to last all day."

At about 8:30, the SWAT team started packing up their weapons, which I took to be a sign that things had calmed down across the wall. The police were able to get the wife and kids out of the house and take the father into custody. Only damage was a hole they put into the wall next door to the house in question to gain access better access to the house.
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